Think about it have you ever looked at the ingredients of your moisturizing products that you use on your skin daily? Well, take a glance! They're made with ingredents you can't even pronounce or even know where to begin to know where it actually came from. Instead of nourishing your body with harmful chemicals, lather your body with all natural ingredients that'll moisturize your body leaving you with a Radiant Glow. 

Silky Radiance has Body Moisturizers, Body Scrubs, Foot Scrubs & many more products to come. All guaranteed to make you feel silky inside and out at a affordable price. You won't have a choice but to join us on our journey to a healthier lifestyle!

We service any where from locally to domestically, also offering special orders within a timely manner. Silky Radiance will also be a vendor at your next event. You may contact us at