Leave'em Speachless Body Scrub


Our Leave'em Speachless Body Scrub contains Pure Cane Dark Brown Sugar, Grapeseed Oil, Peaches and Cream Premium Grade Essential Oils & other Natural Ingredients that benefit and exfoliate the skin while keeping you moisturized!

Grapeseed Oil is beneficial for treating any acne breakouts, making the skin softer and more elastic. It also helps even skin tone and protects your skin from sun damage!

It is highly recommended that you Exfoliate your skin AT LEAST Once a week. You should pay attention to your body's sensitivity level to determine how often you should exfoliate. IE: If you have oilier skin you should exfoliate more frequently.

Exfoliating with our Sugar Scrubs is a key essential to having Healthy Skin with a Radiant Glow! With proper Exfoliation you are allowing your pores to breathe, preventing ingrown hairs and keeping your skin looking as young as possible.

Exfoliating After shaving can get a deeper cleanse of your pores! This scrub will have you smelling and tasting good!

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